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Taung Pyone Festival

Taung Pyone Festival

Annually, Taung Pyone Festival kicks off on 1st waxing of Wagaung (the fifth month of Myanmar calendar). On 10th waxing of Wagaung, the conference of the mediums, which can be said the most important part of the festival, was held. This year, the conference started around 2.30 pm on 10th waxing of Wagaung (August 5, 2014). The ritual conference was held on a grand scale. Following is the pictures of the scenes of Taung Pyone Festival and the ritual conference of mediums. A train coming in Taung Pyone Station from Mandalay. (Photo - teza hlaing / The Irrawaddy)

The Irrawaddy


Tuesday, 5. August 2014




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teza hlaing


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